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Welcome to Guardian Spirits.

TWO PAGES (FULL COLOR) EVERY SUNDAY Haley is a girl who has finally found her own clique, but when a strange transfer student steps in, and a mysterious boy falls from the sky things turn up-side down. Meet Byakuya an archangel sent from the upper world to make sure that Haley doesn’t die… because of her own stupidity. Too bad that Byakuya couldn’t even remember what his OWN name was; much less protect this idiot from herself...

hey, LISTEN!

we took a bit of a break, but at least for the rest of teh months i have pages to upload! :D

once we get to 20 friends i want to do something special XD but i don't know what... i guess fanservice is always the answer, right?
NO I WONT GIVE IN D:< my inner fangirl will stay out of GS...
oh who am i kidding?

anyway... x3 i lurve you all~

posted by Haleliwil @ July 22nd, 2010, 4:26 pm   0 comments


helloo there, GS is comeing along wonderfully methinks~
here's to the '2 page per sunday' routine, this is easier then i thought! (altough i did finish pages 3 and 4 earlier this week and was to lazy to upload them...

i have exactly two months.

i'l be displaying at the artist's alley there!

posted by Haleliwil @ January 17th, 2010, 6:08 pm   0 comments

i will eventually...

5 pictures, only one in color are ready for upload...
if i wasn't in california without a scanner xD
so i guess my upload Sunday will begin 2moro!
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to me (right now) 0 Fans >__>

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Well, Might as well

That's when i plan to start releaseing GS.
no, that doesn't stand for Girl scouts like i realized the first time i abrviated it *facepalm*
i'm really working hard to master grayscale and my tablet, so i'l maybe update a few of the pics i have so far... but yeah, sorry if i don't for a few months... i'l pribubly have a weekly release scedule of two pages every sunday.

Aka: Kezia of the chains

Music: random song from the Boys like Orchids Playlist

Boys like orchids is an epic webcomic! search it up~

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